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    Software Professionals to convert your ideas to an application
    We are specialized in development of Custom Software Applications and Websites for any Business needs
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    Database WareHousing
    Web Applications
    Database Maintenance
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    Custom Application Development
    Application Maintenance & Support
    Mobile Application Development
    Providing quality & Leadign solutions
    Combining aesthetic, usability, functionality to effectively
    present and promote your business on the web...
    We use latest technologies to build responsive websites
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Hello And Welcome To 3M SoftTech Solutions

We are specialized in development of Custom Software Applications and Websites for any Business needs

Innovative Thinking

We come up with the innovative solutions for your business needs. We provide clients with quality solutions and top-notch customer service.

Flexible Technology

We use updated technology to work applications more efficient & flexible. High level of technical expertise and a strong commitment to our customer's success

Delivering end-to-end solutions

3M SoftTech its competitive edge in delivering complete end-to-end solutions that meet a variety of business and technology requirements.

Why choose 3M SoftTech

3M SoftTech is young and dynamic company. It has been a leading provider of IT services like Software development, Website design & development, Mobile Application development, E-Commerce applications and SEO. 3M SoftTech is helping organizations to use technology to increase the productivity, cost and minimize risks.

We are passionate and fully committed to provide superior customer experience and have long time relationships with our customers. During these tough times, maximizing benefits by leveraging the latest technologies is the need of the hour. 3M SoftTech team has the capability and expertise to use, implement, and leverage the latest technologies to your company’s advantage

In case you are quite busy with the schedule or finding it difficult to visit our office, then we can help you with it. Just provide us with your contact details and as per the feasible timing which you have, we will contact you and accordingly provide you with some good details that can prove out to be beneficial for you.